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CST4ALL Industry Workshop

on the hybridisation of Concentrated

Solar Thermal Technologies (CST)

with PV

Format ONLINE - Microsoft Teams
Date & Time 22 February 2024- 09:00-12:00 CET
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Description of sessions:

Keynote presentations will focus on the hybridisation possibilities of CST and PV.

Roundtable I shall cover topics related to the industrial maturity of technologies involved in hybrid CST-PV plants with respect to the different levels of integration and possible applications (e.g., production of electricity, industrial process heat, hydrogen and solar fuels), impact on bankability of commercial projects, funding opportunities and project de-risking, as well as regional specific conditions (various types of procurement mechanisms for cross-sector projects on industry and private investors) and sector integration priorities.

Roundtable II shall cover topics related to the expected support by the R&I sector in the short-term with respect to hybrid CST-PV plants (for production of electricity, industrial process heat, hydrogen and solar fuels), existing or future manufacturing facilities, market potential /project “pipeline” needed by industry, e.g., to set up manufacturing facilities (i) in Europe, and (ii) for export markets, as well as identification and development of necessary skills (e.g., use of engineering know-how, qualified manpower potential) for the deployment of hybrid CST-PV plants.

This half-day online workshop is organized by the EU Horizon Europe project "CSTALL: Support to the Activities of the Concentrated Solar Thermal Technology Area of the SET Plan."

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